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Western Roofing Service

Founded in 1952, Western Roofing Service is a San Leandro based full-service roofing contractor. Since our founding, we have grown to be one of the largest California-based roofing contractors. Western Roofing Service has successfully completed hundreds of large commercial and industrial projects throughout Northern and Central California. In addition to this California-based work, we have worked successfully in 14 western states including Alaska and Hawaii.

As a founding member of Tecta America Corp., Western Roofing Service joined a select “best of the best” in the roofing industry across the nation. Tecta America companies are recognized leaders in their markets. Together they offer a level of service never before attainable – the greatest depth of experience, resources, technology and capabilities available today.

By offering more and better service to our customers, we are also able to provide greater opportunities for our member companies, while attracting and retaining the most talented and highly skilled employees required by our industry today. In 2003, we opened a Seattle/Puget Sound area office in the town of Redmond, Washington. Our Redmond office offers the same extensive roofing, waterproofing, and maintenance services as our San Francisco office. Today Tecta offers you a single, reliable source you can count on for all of your roofing needs coast to coast – from roof replacement, new construction, repair, and maintenance to full service nationwide roofing management.

Whether your project involves repair, re-roofing, upgrading or roofing a new building, Western Roofing Service brings you the finest roofing systems available from a long list of recognized national manufacturers. We couple those with roofing skills based on mastery of the materials and a sound working knowledge of structural engineering.

Moreover, because we are active and long-time members of the leading roofing industry associations, we know about the latest technological developments and new or improved products as soon as they are available for your projects. Furthermore, all of our union-trained personnel have practical working experience with the most efficient application methods of the many different roofing materials and systems available to you.

In short, our experience and expertise assure you that your roof will conform to your specs and our own demanding criteria as well as to the most stringent industry standards. As Western Roofing Service moves into the 21st century and beyond, our aim is to strengthen our tradition of exceptional service and to uphold our hard-won reputation for quality work at a fair price.

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