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Blue’s Roofing Company

BLUE’S ROOFING COMPANY is a fifty-year-old, employee-owned roofing company that specializes in commercial roofing and waterproofing around the Greater Bay Area.

Several years ago, we recognized that to properly service our customers we needed to be able to give small maintenance or repair projects the same high priority we have always given to large construction and re-roofing projects. To accomplish this, we split our company into two groups.

Our Production Group consists of s project six manager/estimators, a general superintendent, and fourteen foremen. Their mission is to bid new construction projects to a select group of general contractors.

Our Maintenance Group consists of four project managers and six full-time foremen. Their mission is to establish long-term relationships with property owners and managers.

Maintenance work continues to be to 20% of sales, and re-roofs negotiated with established service customers makes up an additional 20% of our sales. New construction work is majority waterproofing with some roofing.=

We are particularly sensitive to the special needs of high tech businesses, especially as related to safety, hazardous substances and environmental issues.

Each foreman has a company-supplied truck and a cell phone so they can stay connected with the office. Their expertise extends from normal flat roofing to epoxy injection of cracks in below-grade walls and restoration of concrete surfaces. We are dedicated to the continuing education and updating of our personnel, assuring that we maintain the ability to provide or service all types of roofing and waterproofing systems.

We are a union shop. It is our belief that the most dedicated and capable employees are going to seek employment with shops that have full medical/dental benefits and a viable pension.

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