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Best Contracting Services, Inc.

Best Contracting Services, Inc. (aka Best Roofing and Waterproofing) is a contracting firm specializing in installing, repairing and maintaining all roofing and waterproofing systems and rehabilitating industiral concrete floors.

Best Contracting Services provides its clients with a single, professional source approved by all major material manufacturers.

Maintaining the building envelope is critical to the preservation of the real estate asset. Roofs, floors, walls and foundations, including subterranean garages, need expert attention to prevent damaging water intrusion. Best Contracting Services, Inc. (BCSI) specializes in installing, repairing and maintaining systems designed to protect these high liability areas. Our expertise also extends to another major, potentially high liability area namely, the rehabilitation of concrete floors.

Selecting a system or product that is ‘right’ for your specific property, and even more important, choosing the best contractor who is approved to install the chosen system is a formidable task. Owners and maintenance managers are faced with so many choices that selection becomes very confusing. The results of making the wrong choices are costly and long term.

As the leading roofing contractor in the state, many of our clients requested that we install Solar Systems on their roofs to generate supplemental electric power. After successfully installing many of these systems up to 500Kw, BCSI bundled several Energy Saving Systems together under a specialty division. When you require energy saving systems, both roof mounted and free standing, contact us.

  • Best Contracting Services, Inc. also provides energy saving systems including reflective roof systems (Cool Roofs), Natural light systems, Daylighting, and Solar Panel Systems (Photovoltaic) for electrical generation.
  • BCSI has two full service locations, Gardena (Los Angeles) and Union City.
    BCSI employs approximately 450 people, consisting of many specialty crews in roofing, waterproofing, and flooring with about 80 support personnel in the various offices.
  • We are a Union contractor.
  • BCSI has significant insurance coverage and bonding capacity
  • We are approved contractors by the manufacturers of every roofing and waterproofing system.
  • We perform these services on every type of building, including high rise, hospitals, and cold storage. BCSI does not perform on residential property, including apartments and HOA operated buildings.
  • BCSI owns all of the equipment required to perform these projects.BCSI serves major corporations nationwide. Emergency repairs are provided through alliances with qualified technicians throughout the USA. Our own personnel perform projects.
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