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Andy’s Roofing Company, Inc.

  • What kind of roofing is best for your building?
  • Does your roof just need repair, or is a complete re-roofing required?
  • What regulations apply?

Forty years of experience and proven performance enable us to give you the best answers to all of your roofing questions. Your building and its contents are valuable investments. Let us help you protect them.

Andy’s Roofing Company Five Steps to Quality, Cost-Effective Roofing:

Inspection and Evaluation:

Our first step is a no-obligation inspection and evaluation of your roof. We will tell you the current condition of the roof, what needs to be done, and what all of your options are…and what they will cost.

Compliance with Regulations:

Local and county roofing ordinances have been established to define the specific requirements necessary to re-roof a structure. We know and understand all applicable regulations, and will help you decide which re-roofing options are best for you consistent with those regulations.

Selection of the Best Roof for you:

To the extent that there is more than one re-roofing or new roofing option for your building, we will review those options with you, and assist you in selecting the one that best meets the requirements of your building and your budget.


We use only quality materials, and all jobs are closely monitored by expert field supervisors to assure the quality of the installation. Jobs are managed by one individual, from preparing the estimate through the completion of the project. This allows for both personal contact and optimum communication and understanding during critical stages.


Andy’s Roofing provides follow-up inspection and maintenance service to ensure the longest possible useful life for your new roof.

Andy’s Roofing Company is committed to continuing the tradition of excellence we began over 40 years ago. The key to maintaining such high standards is quality, safety, good management, and continually expanding our experience and expertise of new roofing regulations and technologies.

For further information, visit our company web site at

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