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Acme Roofing Company

ACME Roofing has an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction. We provide a long list of references and customer testimonials to all potential customers. ACME Roofing has been independently rated for quality of workmanship and has received high marks for its consistent dedication to producing high-quality roof work. We choose to use only the highest quality roofing materials for your roofing needs.

ACME Roofing: Our History and How We Operate

Like its product, Acme Roofing Company in San Francisco has weathered many decades as one of the Bay Area’s finest roofing contractors.

It all began in 1923, when Henry Dissmeyer first opened the business. The rest, according to grandson and company president John Dissmeyer, is family history. John’s father joined Acme Roofing in 1935, when the company moved to its Ocean Avenue location. The office there served as both an apartment and working area for John’s family until he was about seven. John Dissmeyer joined the family business in 1968, after he had worked in Washington D.C., with another company, for several years. John’s brother, David, came on board in 1976. In 2003, Craig Lau joined the family organization and now John, David and Craig manage the company, which specializes in re-roofing residential and commercial properties. Today we operate out of our new facility designed specifically for our roofing business.

As a relatively small firm, with about 18 employees, Acme Roofing has found a comfortable niche in the San Francisco/Northern Peninsula market. John attributes the personalized nature of the company, based on its size, as a major factor in the firm’s success. “David and I wear many hats and oversee all the departments,” explains John. We believe we can catch problems better than a large company could.

Even in the three decades the brothers have been with the firm, John says they have seen considerable changes in the roofing business. “There seems to be a lot more work today. Many contractors don’t do as good a job as in the old days, so buildings need to be re-roofed more often.”

In addition, he says, the increasing number of roofing contractors over the past 15 years are competing for the increasingly price-conscious consumers thus forcing many companies to offer lower bids. He maintains that the result can often be seen in poor workmanship, sloppy job sites and defective installations, as contractors cut corners and compromise quality in order to get the job with a low bid. Acme Roofing admittedly does not always offer the lowest price. “You have to put out a good product and provide good service, and you can’t do that by cutting corners,” explains John. “By carefully evaluating each job and selecting the best option, we make sure our customers are happy with their roofs. In fact, a lot of our business comes from referrals or repeat customers who own other properties.”

ACME employs only trained union roofing applicators, thus ensuring a higher production of quality work in a safer environment. “We pay a lot of attention to quality control,” continues John. “We pick people who rank well above the industry average. After all, we’re only as good as the people who work for us.” It’s this kind of philosophy that keeps Acme Roofing in San Francisco going strong after three generations.

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