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Rhino Safety Consulting Group

I started residential shingle roofing for my father at a young age. That got me started in construction. In junior high, I started working in concrete and eventually became a licensed concrete contractor in Chicago, IL. I also worked as a union laborer, primarily in concrete. As a union laborer, I did massive bridge and highway projects, the United Center (current home of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls), and high rises.

The industry grew and so did its need for increased safety. As a laborer, I was able to complement my safety education through the Chicagoland Laborer’s Training Center. I grabbed everything I could and gradually began working exclusively in safety.

I began teaching OSHA’s safety requirements, as an OSHA Outreach instructor in 2009. As an OSHA Outreach instructor in Construction and General Industry, I have been able to conduct training throughout the entire United States and London, England.

I began teaching National Safety Council First Aid/CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogens in about 2009. I still teach it, among other medical response courses.

I left Chicago to work on a large construction complex in New York, where I put the tools back on. I resumed doing concrete work, coordinating confined space and trench work/safety, and finally large equipment demobilizing coordination on the project. I assisted in safety but served as a safety laborer on that project. This gave me an opportunity to work with their Emergency Response Team, on fire and ambulatory responses.

ERT? Why? Coming from a construction background and being medically trained, I was able to focus on heavy equipment needs, site hazards, and other aspects that most first responders may be unfamiliar with.

Today, I partner with roofing and waterproofing, as well as residential builders in providing safety and safety training.

I still participate in much of that training and enjoy merging construction safety with fire services safety protocols to create the greatest level of safety, while increasing production and quality of work being performed.

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