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Some of ARCBAC’s Associate Members are manufacturers of roofing and waterproofing products and associated tools and equipment.

Cleasby Manufacturing Company

Cleasby Manufacuting Company is a family-owned, San Francisco Bay Area based manufacturuer of the finest quality roofing equipment and products for the professional roofing contractor. Our mainstay as a company has always been an extensive line of roofing kettles for built-up roofing (BUR) applications. We manufacture 30-gallon patch kettles,1,200-gallon pumper kettles (the highest productio kettles manufactured in the United States) and everything in-between. No matter what size jobs you typically perform, there’s a Cleasby kettle that’s perfect for you! Naturally. Cleasby also makes a wide variety of pumps, controls and accessories for roofing kettles.

Our other product lines include dump trailers, conveyers and a variety of on-deck equipment, everything from roof removers and power brooms to felt layers, rotary planers, insulation joint tapers and mop carts. Cleasby is the one-stop source for all professional roofing contractors’ low slope roofing equipment needs.

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